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Who is SNP?

We are:

· Leading provider for SAP landscape transformation

· With 1300 successful projects

· SNP offers a solution based on automated software which covers all possible scenarios (split, merge, harmonize, upgrade) of a transformation.


integrates the complete range of transformation phases* into one single project

  • SNP transforms your IT into a flexible and transparent Landscape that aligns with the business processes of your corporation. This enables enterprises for strategic decision making.

T-Bone: Positioning:

· SNP T-Bone is the software standard for transformation processes in corporations that supports the complete process of transformation projects

· Combined experience of over 1.300 successful transformation projects

· SNP T-Bone enables IT for business decisions:

· Flexibility of IT to process changes to business fast, generates competitive advantages in fast changing global markets

*transformation phases:

- detailed analysis of existing ERP systems

- exact planning and definition of the transformation

- execution of the project

- establishing a transformation memory for future projects

Major benefits with SNP as opposed to in-house projects or data migration with other partners:

1. SNP enables business for change

SNP BLT transforms your ERP from uncharted territory to well-mapped landscape:

· Transformation with SNP BLT results in trimmed and cleaned data and an exact depiction of your new SAP landscape.

· And with a full record of the undergone transformation for future projects.

· Enterprises use this new transparency to their advantage when planning the next strategic moves on a corporate level.

· IT staff can be trained to operate further transformations in-house.

SNP Transformation Backbone is a scalable standard software for a long-term transformation strategy.

2. The standardized and automated approach:

SAP Transformation is very complex and challenging. We are the only company that has managed to integrate all transformation processes into a single standardized and automated project approach:

Advantages of the standardized approach: faster, safer and at lower cost

· Standard software SNP T-Bone significantly saves project cost and time. Up to 50% less cost, 70% less time

· And allows exact planning and cost projection of the project

· Automation with a standardized software gives companies the

· Flexibility to execute changes to business in the IT environment fast

Advantages: maximum transparency , safety and quality:

· 100% compliance: SNP T-Bone is fully certified by one of the 4 major auditors (Ernst&Young)

· Full accountability by documenting all transactions in the transformation process

· We are able to migrate the complete data history along with current data

· we can guarantee uninterrupted business processes with no effective change for the users

· transformation can be effected any time of the year

· over a single weekend, often with near zero-downtime

3. SNP BLT - Frequently asked questions:

How does SNP save cost and time?

  • The experience of over a thousand projects was accumulated in an automated software tool, SNP Transformation Backbone, which handles the complete process of all possible transformation scenarios.
  • Automation = Efficiency. By automating the standard procedures, a large portion of the costly consulting and programming involved in a project is reduced.

- Intelligent tools for automated conflict analysis and resolution

- Predefined technical rules for SAP Standard

- Integrated business rules

- Proper cost analysis and testing before the migration goes live

- Analysis generates proposals for project priorities

- Target testing szenarios, based on real and not synthetic data with anonymisation option, if relevant

  • Licencing and transformation memory: Your company can use the software in future projects and have staff trained to handle transformations in-house
  • Very short execution of actual migration, over week-end, with near- zero downtime (for upgrades)

How does BLT help IT to follow the exact business needs of a company?

  • Because T-Bone enables the complex SAP infrastructure to better respond to changes to business. IT can implement transformations faster and easier with automated standard software and the use of the transformation memory.
  • One platform End2End transformation processing
  • All relevant business requirements, open data and data histories are integrated into the task formulation ( *how many companies company codes, how many clients, which of the historical data?)
  • All relevant data from non-SAP systems are included (identified and accessed by customized interfaces).
  • Compliance: Exact and comprehensive documentation of the entire transformation process makes our transformations audit-proof and scalable.

BLT is certified by Ernest and Young

  • Dynamic target testing szenarios, based on real and not synthetic data with anonymisation option, if relevant.

How do we guarantee maximum transparency , safety and quality?

  • 100% compliance:
  • Full accountability by documenting all transactions in the transformation process. reporting and documentation accompanies the entire project in all stages -> uninterrupted account of all project activities for transparency and compliance for your auditing
  • Software tools combine know-how of over 1000 successful projects
  • Refined test and planning tools for precise planning eliminate errors and redundancies.

- Proper cost analysis and testing before the migration goes live

- Automated Conflict analysis and - management avoids errors.

- Analysis generates proposals for project priorities

- Target testing szenarios, based on real and not synthetic data with anonymisation option, if relevant

How do we deliver uninterrupted business processes?

  • go-live over weekend, any time of the year, near- zero down time
  • entire data history migrates (traditionally, a new system is built only open data is migrated. The old data remains behind on a separate system)
  • no change for the users on the productive system
  • Target Transformation approach: Analysis tools help to identify priority projects. We are able to prioritize Transformation scenarios

BLT – how does it work? Step by step

Maximum preparation of the project ensures minimal duration of execution.

  1. Project planning and preparation
    • T-Bone system scan:
    • T Bone Wizard:
    • T-Bone Analysis: In depth analysis of data identifies conflicts and risks
    • T-Bone Cockpit:
  2. - Analysis of existing SAP system as a basis for project definition

    - Important data is assembled: (running SAP modules, Business Objects, system and repository information, size of databases and tables)

    - Assisted by an electronic questionnaire

    - Migration strategy is defined, all specific requirements identified Cost projection for the project

    - Basic technical planning of the transformation

    o Repository analysis

    o Customizing Analysis

    o Master data analysis

    o Number range analysis

    - Analysis generates further information for exact project task formulation,

    - Exact costing

    - Conflicts and risks analyzed

    - Work lists and transformation rules are generated automatically

    - Intensive testing and corrections before execution for maximum safety and quality

  3. Execution

T-Bone Cockpits : web-based user interfaces, Access to Cockpits via Launchpad

- Central Management and Monitoring of the project.

- Consolidated view of the entire process

- Conflict resolution is monitored

- Project documentation , transformation memory:

Central repository of the transformation rules and tasks

- Project Cockpit (planning , documentation, managing of project)

o Standardized protocols for project tasks of all scenarios (merge upgrade, split, harmonize)

o All Project Details,

o Tasks per use , Status of task completion per user

o Controlled management of tasks: changes are documented, risks assessed

- Analysis and Conflict cockpit :

o monitoring and resolution of Conflicts(missing or conflicting objects ) in

o Repository, Unicode, customizing, number range

o Especially in harmonization and merge scenarios

o User-friendly management and handling over one tool and interface

- Transformation Cockpit( management)

o Central repository of business requirements

o Repository of technical transformation rules

o Business requirements linked to transformation rules.